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Can I use Ontologic for free?
Yes, you can create an account and use basic platform features for free. You can upgrade to a paid plan to access additional features.
How secure is Ontologic?
Ontologic is built to be SOC 2 compliant and takes the security of user data seriously. However, the platform is not (yet) HIPAA compliant, and should not be used for managing data containing protected health information.
Who owns the data and code that users put on the platform?
Ontologic does not lay any claim to data and code placed on the platform. Users will have control over how their data and code gets shared.
What happens to data and code if I stop using Ontologic?
You will have the chance to download all your data, including metadata about the analyses you have run on the platform. By request, we can also provide Dockerfiles and Nextflow scripts so you can reproducibly run your tools elsewhere.
How does billing work?
Licenses to use the platform's paid features are billed per seat. You can purchase additional seats for your working group and assign them to users in that group.
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