Platform Features

The platform that gets you to an answer faster

Reduce your time to first graph from weeks to minutes
with our pre-packaged analysis modules

View, edit, and save any line of code for your own needs,
or bring your own custom tools

Keep track of past analyses and their configurations
Make it easy to publish your workflows along NIH guidelines

Work with your labmates, between working groups,
and between departments with a common framework

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Streamline your scientific workflow

Spend less time on organizing and tracking your data, and more time on the science you care about

Set up workflows only once

Tweak and use for multiple projects

Share configurations and results with collaborators

Research needs trust and speed

Designed for researchers with various needs, Ontologic provides a shared workspace that makes collaborating with your team smooth and intuitive.

Let's accelerate discovery together

Turn your data into insights in a transparent and reproducible platform