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Platform Features

Setting up a new pipeline has never been so easy

Browse popular analysis code on the Tools page. We're adding the most-requested tools straight from public GitHub repositories, fully set up and ready to use.

Kilosort, Phy, and DeepLabCut are all available on Ontologic

We've exposed all of the important scientific parameters. You can adjust thresholds, run with different datasets, and fine-tune your analyses the way you think is best in the Tool Configuration page.

An example of the Kilosort configuration page

Every analysis is saved in the Run History page. You can always revisit a run to see what parameters worked best for your data, no note-taking required.

The Run Details page lets you share your customized parameters and results files with one link. Colleagues can duplicate your analyses on their own data with a click, or see where things went wrong in the logs.

Get Started
Gif of a reproducible Kilosort run

Streamline your analysis pipeline

Spend less time on organizing and tracking your data, and more time on the science you care about

Set up workflows only once

Tweak and duplicate analyses for multiple projects

Share configurations and results with collaborators

Research takes trust and speed

Designed for researchers with unique needs, Ontologic provides a shared workspace that makes collaborating with your team smooth and intuitive

Analyze data anywhere

Set up analyses in minutes, run on the cloud or local clusters

Collaborate with a click

Share results, code, and parameters instantly

Effortless reproducibility

Never lose track of what version of code or data you ran again

Easily run any analysis tool

Kickstart your data analysis with tools from the latest papers, already set up and ready to use.

Electrophysiology analysis tools Kilosort and Phy
Produce FAIR data and code

Cut out the hours of organizing. Our platform makes data management and sharing a built-in part of analysis.

Get started with DeepLabCut and Kilosort today

Turn your data into results in an open and reproducible platform