Full time
Cambridge, MA (hybrid)

Founding Computational Scientist

Role & Responsibilities

We're looking for a creative and self-driven computational scientist to join our team as one of two first hires. This person will own our interactions with end users, including onboarding popular computational tools to our repository. They will work flexibly and collaboratively with our founding team, contributing to decisions about the business and product. As we scale, this person may transition to a leadership role that matches their strengths and career goals.


  • 5+ years of full time experience in a life science research environment
  • Strong computational research skills, knowledge about communities/trends in the field
  • Demonstrated interest in improving human and computational systems
  • Takes initiative with self-teaching, works well on teams, is a great communicator, comfortable with giving and taking constructive feedback, can bring transformative perspective

Nice but not necessary

  • Experience with multiple common research coding languages (e.g., Python, MATLAB, R)
  • Nerding out about science/philosophy of science, open source projects, pharma/biotech


  • Compensation: $100k-$150k base salary, 0.25%-1.5% equity
  • Health insurance, dental, vision
  • Flexible work schedule & funds available for relocation or equipment
  • Benefits are flexible, depending on the needs of a great candidate. Tell us what you need!

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We consider our team to be one of the strongest parts of our business, so here's a bit about us:

We work the hardest when we're passionate about what we're doing and feel good about the people we're doing it with. We do our best to have the hard conversations early and often, so issues with the product and our process as a team don't fester. We care about each other as people, and know we'll do our best work when our basic needs are well taken care of. We enjoy terrible puns, making fun of each other (affectionately), and a good sun nap. We're excited for what you'll bring to the team dynamic!

Ontologic founders Joyce Wang, Dallas McCall, Eli Pollock, and Danielle Orozco Cosio in a friendship collage
Seven years of friendship and counting