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Can I try Ontologic before I commit?

Ontologic will have a free tier available to anyone who does not yet want to create an account. Free users will be able to browse all published open code and data, but will not be able to run their own data or code until they have a paid license.

What is the Research Exchange Platform built on?

Currently, we are using AWS to support our storage and compute needs. We are planning to expand to other cloud platforms and existing open science data repositories. Enterprise users may request integration with existing local compute clusters on a per-case basis.

What features does Ontologic provide?

You can check out the features that come with each plan by going to our pricing page.

What does the Research Exchange Platform do?

It allows users to browse packaged analysis tools and run code on their data in an easy-to-use interface. Any user may package their own code on our platform, and we'll automate the process of packaging and deploying it so you don't have to worry about maintenance.

Do you support <tool X> on your platform?

You can check out our supported and planned tools on our Analysis Tools Page. We are planning to open up voting for different features, and you can suggest a tool for us to package by contacting us directly.

Can I share analysis information outside my organization?

Sharing links for publicly available tools and previously run datasets are always free! This helps improve the transparency and reproducibility of published work.

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