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Join a team of passionate people on a mission to make the products of research reusable, not just available

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Founding Computational Scientist
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Founding Software Engineer
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We’re committed to ending inefficient analysis

Researchers collect more complex data than ever before, but their analysis software is not keeping pace, holding back innovation. At Ontologic, we’re building a platform to transform the way researchers collaborate around code and interact with data. We streamline the process of reusing code to make data analysis more reproducible and interoperable in this age of siloed science. Our mission is to make science what it should be, a field where researchers can efficiently build upon the work that came before them to create the best possible future.


We consider our team to be one of the strongest parts of our business, so here's a bit about us:

We work the hardest when we're passionate about what we're doing and feel good about the people we're doing it with. We do our best to have the hard conversations early and often, so issues with the product and our process as a team don't fester. We care about each other as people, and know we'll do our best work when our basic needs are well taken care of. We enjoy terrible puns, making fun of each other (affectionately), and a good sun nap. We're excited for what you'll bring to the team dynamic!

Ontologic founders Joyce Wang, Dallas McCall, Eli Pollock, and Danielle Orozco Cosio in a friendship collage
Seven years of friendship and counting