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Ontologic is committed to ending inefficient analysis

Researchers collect more complex data than ever before, but their analysis software is not keeping pace, holding back innovation. At Ontologic, we’re building a platform to transform the way researchers collaborate around code and interact with data. We streamline the process of reusing code to make data analysis more reproducible and interoperable in this age of siloed science. Our mission is to make science what it should be, a field where researchers can efficiently build upon the work that came before them to create the best possible future.

Meet the Team

Our four co-founders met in Cambridge in 2016. We have been good friends through the ups and downs of our PhDs, a pandemic, and starting our families. We started Ontologic in 2022 to advance scientific innovation by improving software development infrastructure.

Our Journey So Far

We’ve come a long way and are proud of hitting these milestones.

Tested out
our ideas at MIT Fuse
Delivered our first prototype tool to users
Eli and Danielle defended
their PhDs
Interviewed over 50 life science researchers
First paying customer and LOIs at 4 universities
Served users with prototype platform and built waitlist
What's next? Raising funding to reach our public launch!
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